What We Do

Principal Activity

We are engaged in the importation and marketing of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria. It is the “exclusive agent” to HOVID Sdn Bhd, a revered company name in drug manufacturing in Malaysia and the relationship has spanned so many years and is waxing stronger based on mutual trust and understanding. Since it was appointed the Nigerian sole agent to Hovid about twenty years ago, PHAMATEX has achieved formidable results in the sale and distribution of many of HOVID’s wide range of over 500 brands of Pharmaceutical products, This no mean feat was achieved through a deliberate and consistent policy of product availability and advertising.

Procurement Services

As a result of the company’s strong connection with “Hovid” whose product quality ranks among the best across the globe, PHAMATEX is well-positioned to relieve the citizenry of the encumbrances and procedural bottlenecks involved in procuring stringent quality products. Our lead time is reasonably short at competitive costs.

Phamatex Nigeria Limited has the required professional skills, experience as well as human and material resources required to do good business and is an ideal business partner with any financier banker that accepts to support its activities. Above all, the operations of the company are guided by high moral considerations.